About Safety Mojo

As the safety profession has become a crucial part of most industries, especially the construction industry there is more of a need than ever for a tool that provides a streamlined service for supervisors and workers to put safety first.

Safety Mojo Today

Safety Mojo, a product of edify.ai, provides a complete service as a software solution (SaaS) to the safety industry. We are currently working with some of the largest companies in warehousing, construction, and insurance along with industry leaders to provide them with a complete safety solution. Unlike other solutions Safety Mojo doesn’t tell you how to conduct safety in your company, why not tell us what forms you use and we will tailor make your Safety Mojo for you.

The History

Each year millions of workers are exposed to safety hazards and there has never been a comprehensive technology to truly handle the issues the workforce faces until now.

Safety Mojo was developed by and for the Griffith Company’s safety department bringing together decades of experience to the industry’s most comprehensive safety solution.

With the proliferation of mobile devices most industries including the construction industry have a way to provide onsite and on demand safety tracking which has the potential to revolutionize the industry. In most cases elite or sophisticated companies compile statistics on excel spreadsheets.  When electronic forms are used, the data is stored and valued to allow complete data analysis.

Safety Mojo provides a complete safety solution on any device.

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