People focused, intelligence driven

Through proven and easy to use apps, Edify engages end users and drives a safety mindset, building a culture of safety from the CEO down to every worker: saving lives, reducing injuries, and improving culture, productivity, and profitability. 


Find out why some of the largest companies are using Edify and Safety Mojo.

Engages every worker

  • Personalizing safety

  • Helping workers develop a safety mindset based on learning science

  • Driving a culture of safety from the CEO down to every worker

Enhances leadership

  • Providing actionable analytics in real-time
  • Identifying teams that are not engaged and taking action immediately
  • Saving up to 2 hours a day with digitized safe work permitting

Reduces Risk with AI

  • Identifying teams that are most at risk for incidents
  • AI-driven safety coach to help every worker analyze tasks/hazards/controls
  • Measuring engagement for every worker–to stop pencil whipping

Our Story is hyper focused on helping every employee be safe, productive, and happy.  Originally built as a result of two devastating accidents, came out of a need to radically and quickly change safety culture in a large construction company.  Within the first year, the company saw claims decrease 70%–and they were able to maintain that for 5 years!

Now, is building on that base to leverage sophisticated artificial intelligence to help employees engage more effectively with safety and identify what teams or projects are most at risk for an incident–to stop that incident from happening!

Our Vision

Edify is insanely committed to people-focused AI to drive behavioral change and increase workplace safety.

People-focused means just that–focused on the frontline worker because they are the ones who get hurt. We are hyper-focused on engaging every worker in safety every day so that incidents, injuries, and deaths become rare.

People Focused - Intelligence Driven

Nearly every safety platform focuses on safety management and leadership, yet it is the front line workers who get hurt.  Edify is hyper-focused on using AI to engage front line workers to help them be safe.

By engaging with workers, Edify gathers large amounts of data from every worker, every day–and uses artificial intelligence to help workers practice safe behaviors and and identify where risks lie, so that incidents can be stopped before they happen.


Safety Mojo is designed to drive accountability with end users and generate useful analytics–so that leaders can focus on leading and not reminding people to submit their forms! Acquires Safety Mojo

Edify acquired Safety Mojo in May 2020 to integrate Safety Mojo functionality into Edify’s advanced software products.


Safety Mojo is an easy-to-use safety management system that is used by some of the largest construction companies, builders, and insurance companies in the US.

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