It might be shocking but it’s true – one in ten construction workers are injured on the job every single year. Those who work in the construction industry would love to see nothing more than to have this number decreased – now. There are many strategies and tactics that could be implemented to aid in decreasing workplace safety accidents, like the use of a workplace safety app, but first – it’s important to understand the 6 most common workplace safety accidents and how you can avoid them.

Injury: Vehicle accidents.

How to avoid this: To avoid vehicle accidents while on the job site, make sure your employees are going through safety training programs regularly. These programs need to include how your employees can properly drive the vehicles on your site.

Injury: Machine related accidents.

How to avoid this: Many machine related accidents occur because employees are not paying attention or are focused on the task at hand. Remove any distractions from the workplace.

Injury: Employees slipping.

How to avoid this: Anyone can slip anywhere, but when it happens on the job site, it’s a major issue for employers. Make sure your training program has measures in place to address spills immediately after they happen.

Injury: Tripping over small objects.

How to avoid this:  Much like avoiding slippery floors, your employees need to know what happens with small objects on the ground. Think about objects like saws or hammers; though they might not seem like an issue or concern, they can create havoc if someone trips and falls.

Injury: Falling objects hitting or dropping on employees.

How to avoid this: It’s important that all employees wear items like hard hats and safety vests. By wearing these items, they are protecting themselves from falling objects. Now, if you are working on a construction site, it might not be possible to eliminate all falling objects, but it is integral to the safety of your employees that they always wear appropriate gear and clothing.

Injury: Employees lifting objects incorrectly.

How to avoid this: Train your employees how they can hack, lift and carry objects. Things like boxes and equipment might seem fine to carry for an hour, but overexertion can truly impact bodies over time. Teaching and training your employees how to handle objects properly will help them – and your business – in the long term.
When it comes to workplace safety, it’s so important to train your employees well, and with the purpose improving results. By using training programs, especially when launched and available through a workplace safety app, you can protect your employees each and every time they step on the job site.

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